Stone chips don't look good on any vehicle...
At RDT we use 2 variation of products from one of the modern day leaders in paint protection,  Madico. We offer customers a choice between Madico's Invisi-film line, which provides fantastic protection while being nearly invisible to the untrained eye, as well as Madico's matte finish line of paint protection film to give accent options on items like aluminum mirror housing. All our films are guaranteed against yellowing and come with a manufacturer backed warranty.



Starting from $380

  • Partial hood protection (clear bra) & matching fender strips

Starting from $850

  • Partial hood protection (clear bra), matching fender strips, front bumper, mirror caps

Starting from $ 1950

  • Complete hood, complete fenders, front bumper, side mirror housings,

Misc. / indipendent pricing (starting from)

  • A-pillars -$100

  • Front roof line -$125

  • Rear bumper / trunk sil -$70

  • Rocker panels -$175 (each)

  • Inside door sills -$80 (each)

  • Door edges -$75

  • Door cups $50

  • Front Bumper $500

  • Mirror housings $90

All packages are custumizable at extra cost. To upgrade to complete panel coverage, add extra coverage options to an existing package, or to inquire about coverage on unlisted parts, please contact directly for pricing.  

Pricing is subject to change. Additional fees may be applied if stripping old film is required


WHY Paint protection?

Canadian climates can be hard on our vehicles in any season, however proper protection can maintain your vehicles appeal and protect against many commonly encounter hazards.  

  • Protects vehicles from stone, gravel, and salt chips.

  • Protects vehicles against foreign road debris.

  • Reduces chances of dents and chipping upon impact of foreign matter.

  • Protects vehicles from environmental fallout such as hail / acid rain.

  • Protects vehicles against bird droppings, bug residue, and tree sap.

  • Maintains vehicles value and appearance over prolonged use.