what we use

When it comes to window tinting, not just any film will do!
At RDT we use some of the industry leading brands such as 3m, Hanita Tek, and Dusk automotive window tint. This allows us to offer customers a choice between Ceramic or carbon based film, at 2 price points to better suit their needs and budgets. All our films are guaranteed against delimitation and discolouring, and are plotter cut, to ensure perfect edges every time. 



Coupe -$255

  • Complete (rear glass, door glass, quarter panel glass)

Sedan / Hatchback -$285

  • Complete (rear glass, door glass, quarter panel glass)

Full size Van / Suv / 4 door truck -$305

  • Complete (rear glass, door glass, all quarter panel / trunk glass)


  • Any 2 front doors -$ 115

  • Any sun strip -$ 55

Pricing is subject to change pending vehicle. Additional fees may be applied if stripping old film is required.
Please note, Ontario traffic laws ask for no darker then 30% on front windows.


Why should you tint your windows?

Aside from the obvious appeal of styling, window tint provides many benefits for you and your vehicle.

  • Eliminates sun glare / dangerous blinding sun

  • Creates vehicle privacy and conceals the contents of your vehicles from strangers

  • Protects upholstery by blocking damaging levels of UV rays from entering the vehicle

  • Reduces the risk of window shattering by creating a unified support system throughout the glass

  • Keeps vehicles cooler in summer months by reflecting heat from the sun